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Rectangular Novelty Fridge Magnets Online

Stick it to the man with our hilarious rectangle magnets! Or actually stick them on just about any metal surface for instant humor— from the dorm mini fridge to the filing cabinets in your office! As a wholesale magnet shop, we don’t shy away from any subject matter, so you’ll find everything from booze to drugs to politics. Looking for some political correctness? You actually won’t find any of that around here. None! So loosen up and browse our awesome collection of featured designs by David Olenick, Erin Smith Art and even our own customer-submitted ideas.

We aim to produce high-quality and always-funny refrigerator magnets. Add some to your cart for your favorite (or least favorite) cubicle neighbor. Shop our cool retro magnets for the beloved feminists in your life or our animal magnets for the crazy cat and dog humans that constantly proclaim their undying affection for their pets. Come on now, make someone’s day!