Doing Strange Things In The Name Of Art
Maker of funny, sarcastic and offensive magnets, buttons and bumper stickers.

100% gluten free MADE IN THE USA

PO Box 490
Phoenix, OR 97535
fax (if you have to) 800-316-9488

We started by making punk rock buttons in San Francisco in the late 1970's.
In 1980 we made it official and started producing gems like "Fuck you, you Fuckin' Fuck".

Now we are nestled in the Great Pacific Northwest in the relatively unknown and quickly forgotten town of Phoenix, Oregon.
No. Not AZ.

We have a crack team of individuals who are mostly here to help get your sassy order to you quickly and accurately. And to eat all of the freaking chips. Is it really too much to ask to get a bag of Cheetos from time to time here people?

We credit people like,
Jerry Lewis, Mad Magazine, Lenny Bruce, Miles Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Ronald McDonald, Edward D. Wood, Jr., Jane Fonda, Soupy Sales, Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra, Sid Vicious, Dr. Suess, Vladimir Nabokov, Vlad the Impaler for making us the way we are.

But really, we just love you all so freaking much and we want to make you all really happy, or least piss you right off.

remember "Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right"