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Let your magnets do the talking. Especially when the things you want to say are brutally honest, sarcastic, offensive or just plain ol' hilarious and you are not entirely sure you can nail the delivery. You know who you are.

Ephemera is a supplier of wholesale gifts and novelties guaranteed to make you giggle, chortle, snicker and guffaw. Now that’s a lot of different ways to laugh, and we know you like to laugh. As a wholesale novelty shop, we offer funny decorative magnets and buttons so you can easily deck out your fridge or lockers and gussy up backpacks and lanyards with a slew of our pin-back buttons. Our funny stickers in bulk make great conversation pieces for the quick witted and lighthearted that you’re sure to love! Trust us, we know. We have over 30 years of experience producing all things witty, and we’ve garnered quite the reputation. We’re considered the belligerent drunk of the online novelty item community. We’re pretty proud of that!

At Ephemera, we allow you to customize your order by choosing individual designs catering to your likes. Or if you don't have time to pick individual designs we can put an assortment together for you. We want to make you happy so let us know if an assortment is easier! If you want to order larger amounts of our stellar supply, we offer discounted prices for wholesale purchases. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone in your life, we hope you find something deliciously offensive. Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help. Happy shopping!

**Please note: If you have registered for a wholesale account and are still seeing retail prices in your cart send as an email at and we will get this fixed for you. Thanks!