Tapes ... what are these cassette tapes?

Posted on March 24, 2011 by jenn There have been 0 comments

Everyone is aware of CDs, MP3s, and of course, if you're a hipster especially, records. But the cassette is often skipped over. It was a stepping stone to more important forms of media. Anyhow, at work, I open a drawer and this is what I find:









To really drive the point home, here is a picture of our stereo system:







CD Player? Check. Radio? Check. Record player? Check. Cassette player? Che .. wait .. what the hell? Where would I even put that damn thing?

I remember enough of cassettes to remember how happy I was when CDs were available. But apparently, we need an entire drawer here dedicated to the happily lost memory of cassette tapes. Though I did manage to find some cool things to do with them, if I could only get the bossman to part with them.

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