~Tales From the Ephemera Mail Pile~ Satanic Feur of Canada is Upset

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(All spelling left to keep full impact of letter)

Attention Gentlemen!!!!

The Satanic Feur of Canada, has lost his patience for a reply from your company. The state of Washington shall be invaded, a severe Demonic attack by His Lord Ray J. Kero. Washington cannot, please confirm, cannot, be help responsible, for His Lords wish, our command and duty to lay his ultimate “Sychatic Embrace” Warning please confirm, a state of mind for the irresponsible delay of his request, our command for an immediate reply.  :Sleep Well: The Satanic Feur

We thought he was very polite all things considered. His spelling and comma use was a bit jarring but all and all we are frightened and fear for the state of Washington.

We plan to soon raise an army of tree dwelling marsupials armed with potato launchers to defeat this northern threat. So take heart Washington, we've got your back.

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