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  • Rejection of Our Rejection Letter

    As a bit of background -  people send in slogans for us to purchase and put on our little buttons, magnets and stickers. To deal with the LARGE number of submissions, we have created three rejection letters. Of course, the letters are all written with a dash of Ephemera humor.

    The first one encourages you to send more - you're on the right the track.

    The second, just says no thank you. Please do more research and then send us more.

    The third, tells you to quit contacting us. Usually this one comes after 50+ attempts that were soooooo bad, we died a little after reading them.

    Can you guess which letter this person got? Continue reading

  • Pinterest made me think I could accomplish something

    The world of Pinterest is new to me. Apparently, you can share all sorts of super cute and adorable things to try at home.  Things like making your food look like fingers, or your Continue reading


    I read this morning about how CEO/Founder of Sam Adams has this nifty trick for drinking more with out getting too drunk to not be able to drink anymore. Which is, possibly, one of the most important pieces of information you will hear this year. Or ever really.  Continue reading

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