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  • George's Retirement

    Good ol' Georgie is still at it. He has taken up painting in his twilight years. Not that this is news, but the fact that he has a small exhibit of his work up and people get to look at it. I mean, really look at it.  I found this bad ass article that is an analysis of his *ahem* body of work so far. Check it out, it looks like she leaves all of the bath tub painting out ... pity.

    George W. Bush’s eerie, amazing, creepy paintings of Putin, cats and beyond — an analysis

  • Ephemera Now on Flasks!

    You'll laugh so hard you'll shoot vodka out of your nose.

    Check out Liquid Courage Flasks. They are now selling beautiful flasks with some of our saucy slogans on them. Only $20 each!

    Bottoms up. They will make drinking even funnier ... and drinkier. Plus, the guy who has to confiscate it from you at the next "sport ball" game you attend deserves a laugh too.

  • The B Word

    Check out this new book from Seller's Publishing!

    64 pages of stabbingly cute slogans featuring some lovely Ephemera Images.  It would make a great gift book for that one friend of yours ... you know the one. Also great for frenemies.

    Check it out in our Bitch Books Category.

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