Ephemera - What the hell does that mean anyway?

e•phem•er•a   noun

1. A short lived thing.
2. Printed matter of a passing interest.
3. A fancy word for trash.
4. Over 30 years of complete nonsense.

How do you ship?


We will ship USPS First Class Parcel for free. If you need it quicker you can choose a quicker shipping option. Check out our shipping estimator if you are curious about price.

A little story for you:

Mugs don't fit in envelopes

How fast do you ship?


No, just kidding. 

We usually take 2 days. But during Holiday Seasons (including Spring Break Holiday Season or Catalogs Just Came Out Season) we can get a little behind and take 3-4 days.

How much is international shipping?

A ton. I mean, just - so, so, so much. 

We try to make it as inexpensive as possible. Use our shipping estimator to get a real price. If we are able to find a less expensive way after we get your order, we will credit you for the difference. But really, it is going to be stupidly expensive however, totally worth it!

What are your payment options?


If you want to use Credit Card we accept Visa, Mastercard, Or American Express.

Also, good ol' PAYPAL.

If you really want to send you a check you can. But it will slow your order w a y  d o w n . We won't ship until the check clears. Sorry. 

What if you are out of something?

We just delete from your order and don't charge you. No back orders. 

What is your return policy?

How dare you imply WE made a mistake!

But say - maybe, in some freakish parrelle universe where we all had gills and swam through air made of jello - we did screw something up, we'll fix it.

Email Monica@Ephemera-inc.com

If you decide you didn't like what you got and want something different, we will even try to fix that.

What size are the items?

Buttons and Round Magnets are 1.25 inches. 

Stickers are 3.375 x 6 inches.

Rectangle Magnets are either 2 x 3 inches or 2.5 x 3.5 inches.


There is no way for me to guess at the settings you have on your computer and then somehow magically make it so they are the correct size on your screen. It is not "disengenious" for us to allow you to zoom in on a product and then for you to assume it is that large and then be all butt hurt when you get your actually button that is 1.25 inches instead of 8 inches ike you meaured on your screen. 

What type of credit cards do you accept?



American Express

Do you have wholesale pricing?


You can see the answers to all of you wholeale questions at www.ephemera-inc.com/wholesale. 

What is your minimum order?